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I need help with a report! Asap!

by Cmyers1117 Cmyers1117 (New) New

I need to use a gynecologist and where they work for my report. Is there anyway i can get that from online?

Double-Helix, BSN, RN

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I'm sure you can find the name and the location of many gynecologists online. But if you need to ask them specific questions for your report then you will not be able to get that information online.

When you are asked to do a report that requires you to interview someone, there is a multi-faceted purpose to the assignment. Of course one reason is so you develop research and writing skills. However, the other reason is that you practice communication skills, learn to take initiative to set up a meeting, and step outside your comfort zone in meeting with someone you aren't familiar with. Interview skills are very important in nursing (such as when you interview a patient for medical history and when you interview for positions). There are skills involved in a face-to-face interview that you cannot possibly get by looking online.

Interviewing someone via email or internet is taking the easy way out in assignments like these. You will benefit much more in the long run from putting in the extra effort and finding a gynecologist in your area to interview in person.

Esme12, ASN, BSN, RN

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I agree I think that the purpose of this drill is to get you familiar and more comfortable with asking a complete stranger questions about intimate/intrusive things, establishing trust, and gaining information. A huge part of the nursing assessment and cannot be done online.

and on that note, i would say, yes, of course you can find a gynecologist online.... in the telephone listings. you will never in a million years find one who will chat with you online. if you did i would seriously doubt that he was a real gyn...especially if he starts asking you a lot of questions about your reproductive system and what you do with it...

..especially if he starts asking you a lot of questions about your reproductive system and what you do with it...