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I need help! Nclex anxiety


Hey everyone,

I'm feeling a bit anxious about taking the NCLEX. I took the PN course in highschool and finished the course last year May 2013. However, they sent some of us to use Virtual ATI. I finished that about a month ago. I registered for the NCLEX yesterday and now i dont even where to start with studying. Does anyone have any good studying techniques i can use? How often should i study? Youtube videos i should watch? Please help me good people!

How often you study is really up to you and what you feel comfortable with based on your needs. Don't forget to balance studying with rest periods and exercise. Do you have any NCLEX books/materials yet? Do you feel that Virtual ATI has prepared you enough content-wise? (Not too sure what exactly they teach in that). Maybe now you can focus on practicing questions. Do as many as you can. Lacharity PDA may be a great book to start with. Good Luck!

Don't forget to focus on your weak areas. Sometimes we tend to get hung up on what we feel strong in.

Yes, I have a big Hogan review book, but it's soooo huge and overwhelming to read. I also have an "NCLEX PN made Incredibly Easy. Sometimes I feel as VATI has prepared me but I don't want to solely depend on that as a source.

Yes, I completely understand. Those big NCLEX books can be overwhelming. The Lacharity book that I mentioned above is very thin and is easy to work through. If you do a few chapters a day--not counting the case studies you should be able to get through it in about a week if not less. It is one of the best books I could've used to prepare and a lot of PN's on AN have found it helpful as well.

I agree you shouldn't depend on one source. The incredibly easy series is awesome. I love their books. Peds was what I considered my weak area so I bought the Incredibly easy peds book the week before boards and it was so incredibly helpful and 'easy' to understand! (Although, I ended up having 0 peds questions of course--:rolleyes:) Maybe you could start with what you consider your weak area(s) and use the appropriate made easy book. Just some thoughts.

Okay thanks so much for your help! Now I know where to start...I feel a bit more motivated!! Thank you!! :D


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Just practice NCLEX questions, write out the ones you got wrong, write out the rationale. Theres a 30 page study guide that is floating around this site idk the link anymore, but i printed a few copies of that and kept them in my car, purse, desk at work and would just ready them over and over. Know your values, NCLEX won't ask you what is the normal potassium level..instead it will say a patient presents with a potassium of 7.7 what ECG patterns will you expect to see. Since you know K that level is high you will know the side affects of elevated K+. Know your patient education..what we should be educating the patients on, side affects of drugs, my nclex didn't have much on pharm besides patient education..like its normal to have orange sweat with tb meds..stuff like that. patient education, lab values, select all that apply and of course basic medication math/conversions. Be confident...study nclex books and rock it :)

Thanks so much for the help. I just got my ATT so im nervous and motivated at the same time. I just have to manage my time. I have 4 college classes and i work Mon-Fri!!! STRESS!


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Thanks so much for the help. I just got my ATT so im nervous and motivated at the same time. I just have to manage my time. I have 4 college classes and i work Mon-Fri!!! STRESS!

Good luck! Just believe and you will be what you want to be.


Hey boo. It wouldn't let me message you back for some reason. So just send your number and I'll add you to the group me