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I need help answering these practice interview questions

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I have an interview this Friday and this will be my 1st one:p in my life cos I never have 1 b4 yet. And here are some of the practicing interview questions that I need help on how to answer them. So let's say your interviewer ask you these questions so how do you answer them. I just wanna get some ideas. Plz help me, thx all.

1. What are your strengths?

2. What are your weaknesses?

3. What types of people do you find hard to get along with?

4. What do you want from this position? This company? Describe your ideal job?

5. How do you handle a conflict situation that occur in your work place?

6. When can you start? (is it ok to tell them I'll be available the following week or do you think they'll think that I'm desperate for this job if I said that?)


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You really need to answer those questions for yourself...you aren't doing yourself any favors by asking about other peoples' strengths and weaknesses - instead spend some serious time reflecting on your own.

And if they ask you when you're available and you ARE available to start next week - tell them that. You can't go wrong with being honest. ;) Availablility within the next week can be a great thing, especially if their need to fill the position is immediate. Don't worry about looking desperate.

They want to know YOU so they'll know if YOU are the right employee for them. Don't sweat trying to get the "right" answer to interview questions. Just be professional and offer concise, honest answers.

Good luck with your interview!!!!

All those questions are asking what YOU think, so you really need to answer them for yourself. Be honest! What if they ask you to expand on something and you've made it up and can't answer on the spot.


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These are personal questions that would be better answered by yourself. I don't know you, so therefore I don't know your strengths, weaknesses or types of people you find difficulty working with. Just think about these questions and answer them truthfully. Good luck with your interview! :up:


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So I went to the interview today and it turned out to be very good. So question #1 and #6 are asked during the interview and some more but simple. And thank you all for wished me good-luck b/c it seem like I might get the job b/c they asked if they can call my references, and said they'll run a background check, and asked when I'm available for orientation and said they'll email me soon. That sound like very promising, I believe.:D

I'm glad to hear the interview went very good! I hope that you get the job. Wish you the best. :)


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Thank you Giant Panda for your kind words!!!:)


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