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I need heeeeelllllpppppp!!!!

I need advice, i am currently a soph. in college, i have a 2yr old son that i support by myself. I am currently a CNA, I am in a cross roads of what I should do for the summer, over the summer i am taking AP2, which will leave me with just micro to take in the fall then i will be done with my pre-reqs, and will be attending nursing school that spring. I am hoping to go to chamberlain college of nursing in Addison, IL. I am trying to figure out which quick job will give me more real world medical exp. as a CNA in a LTC I believe I have seen all that I can see, and have learned quite a few things. But the pay is sub-par, and i have a child to support so i am considering either taking a Dialysis Tech Course or a EMT-B course over the summer, both would only take 8 weeks to complete. But the question i have is which will be more beneficial to my aspirations of becoming a nurse. Im not letting anything distract my sights of becoming a nurse, this will be a reality within the next 2-3 years. I am just trying to gain exp. so that i am a more well rounded RN, and which will make my time, more productive financially. Any insight or advice will be greatly appreciated.:) *I will post to the student nursing section as well*

*I am 19 years old

*I live in the south suburban area of Chicago


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either one of those would be excellent choices and both have their own advantages. I am currently in a nursing program and I work as a tech(cna) in the emergency room at my hospital where I get to see all of the nursing skills in practice and it helps me more after I have gone over it in school to see it done, it just clicks better. In dialysis you will also see many skills that are specific to that area and may help when you test on kidney functions. It just depends on what your interests are and what you want to do. But, whatever you choose good luck to you and try to have fun doing it!


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Whatever you do don't quit your current job without starting a new job. Given the economic uncertainty these days its better not to risk becoming unemployed.

I'm a new LPN without a job and I can't get a job in my old career field.

Proceed with extreme caution.


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Would it be possible to find a job in a hospital as a CNA? that may give you more experience working along side nurses and I'm sure it would be good to have them as coworkers while you are in nursing school because they can give you their own tips and help you with any questions you may have.


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