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I feal that im writting to much info on my cards does anyone know a good site to help me with my drugcards. ps im new to the site:crying2:


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I suggest buying drug cards unless your school requires you to write them out by hand. Mosby has good ones which I use.


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I would check with your instructors...ours had a paper listing the specific information they wanted on all of our drug cards: Trade name, generic name, classification, indications, dosage/route, side effects, contraindications, nursing implications, and the reference on the back to where we obtained the info (I almost always find everything in Mosby's Nursing Drug Guide). I also have the pre-made Mosby drug cards, but I feel like the drugs I make cards on myself, I know better. Good luck!

P.S. I also have a really quick format to type the cards up in, using Word. If you're interested, PM me!


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There are some drug cards here, don't know if it would be helpful or not but you could look. Lots of other study files too:



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look for thread from last week "dreaded drug card' some of us put some info there too and use yahoo group too, i and many of us post some sample drug cards there very helpfull.

good luck to you, :)

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