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Hi, i am a student and i interviewed last week for two positions. the first one is my dream position. It will be a full time surgical care tech in the PACU. I have been waiting for an opportunity like this to come along. the issue is it starts at 630a which would mean getting myself and my 9yr old daughter up at 5a every day. it would be a huge adjustment as i havent worked full time in over two years.

the second position is per diem, guaranteed atleast two shifts per week as an EKG tech/phlebotomist. My previous job now is an EKG TECH. So i am comfortable with that job and the schedule would be better for my lifestyle. i am totally torn between the two. Both NM said they would love to hire me, and i would be great for the position. I dont know what to do.

My hesitation for the full time job is having my daughter get adjusted to early morning hours, and having me be gone 5 days a week. I would be putting her on the bus and having a neighbor watch her for an hour in a half daily until her bus came. I can tell you she is not too thrilled with the idea. I am also finishing up my last prereq for nursing school too. Will this full time job interfere with my nursing classes, which will be two nites a week next fall, 2011.

I feel like this would be a great opportunity for me as a surg care tech, but the schedule is grueling. I feel the per diem ekg tech is a better fit, but its what im doing now, and im not too thrilled with it to begin with. I want more patient contact on a floor i can see myself staying at throughout nursing school and possibly having a nursing career in when i graduate. I feel blessed to have two jobs to decide between, but do i sacrifice what i really want in order to keep my daughter happy and my schedule at a normalcy? If i decline the full time job i think i will be kicking myself after. I just need some opinions and help because i know HR will be calling this week and i have a big decision to make.

thanks for reading this and hearing my concerns..... i appreciate your honest thoughts......

Is it possible to work per diem in the PACU instead of full time? I personally wouldn't sacrifice your family time for a job right now if you don't need the full time hours/benefits. In the long run, it's going to add more stress to your life, especially when you add night classes into the mix.

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Hi, I worked as a Phlebotomist at a hospital all throughout nursing school. At my hospital, this position was a higher grade (paywise) than a Surgical Tech position. If you are just going into nursing school, I would suggest not filling your plate with a new, full-time position. It sounds like this full-time position will alter your family life a lot....and let me tell you.....nursing school alone will alter your family life a lot! What are the most important things to you right now? Your family, I'm guessing, will always come first. I'm also venturing a guess that nursing school will be second. Make your decision based on the most important things in your life. I am grateful to have my phlebotomy background. I have worked on the floors, in the E.R., and in an outpatient setting and have had tons of pt. contact...I have seen many codes, traumas, rapid responses, and many different situations. Not to mention, it helps with IV skills!!! Good Luck with whatever decision you make!!! :)

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I wouldn't take the full-time job if you are fixing to start NS.

Hi! First thing first..congratulations on having 2 departments that want to hire you! It sounds like this is a really tough decision for you but at least you have the decision to make. That is fantastic.

That being said, I am a full time mom of a 12 year old boy, have a full time job in mental health and am a part time student finishing up some prerequisites...for nursing, of course. So, I understand busy.

There are a few aspects of your situation that you didn't mention (and I'm not asking/prying) :) but things that might change my feedback. Mostly whether you are parenting alone or with a partner and/or if you are financially able to work part time rather than full time.

Overall, I would say take the part time job IF you can afford to. 5am is doable for adults....you can pull your sleepy self together and get on with it. Your daughter, on the other hand, might lose sleep over it..quite literally. I would be concerned about the effects on school/having a bleary eyed learner.

Also, with all of the changes that will come into your life once you are in nursing school and all of the mental challenges with learning new things, your "comfort with the job" for the per diem job could be just the thing you need to pull you through. I'm sure with a 9yo daughter you will have plenty of "challenge" in your life and she will need plenty of support from you. It might be difficult to give her what she needs if you are working full time.

It's all about priorities. Set them straight and make decisions based on that. I'm sure you will make the right decision BUT know that even if you make a decision and regret it....nothing is permanent. You can always set yourself back in square one.

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I know what you may be going through right now... I have a 6yr old

who I might have to leave with my contentious sister if I take a full-time 3-ll evening shift position. I hate the way she talk to her own kids, so can you imagine her with mine. She's not that bad, but I'd rather send him to his dad, which I don't want to do either BUT i need the money!!

to answer your question:

I agree with those who said take the per diem instead.

Nursing school is hectic enough.

I think your daughter would appriciate it.

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hello, i appreciate all the responses so far.

april RN, the position in the PACU is only full time. they need the tech there for the full 40 hr. believe me if it was an option to go per diem, i would def jump at the chance. thanks for your advice tho, you are right....

dbenjamin, you are right, my first priority is my fam which only consists of me and my daughter.... (no dad in the pic). nursing school is super important as well. i know having the phlebotomy skills now will do me good for the future.... thanks!

amelia O, Its ok to ask.... i am a single mom, always have been so its really tough. i dont have alot of support from my family because my parents live far away so they cant help during the week at all. i do need the full time hours money wise because i make squat right now.. i was looking at the surg care tech job as great exp. its where i hope to be when i graduate. it is def too much to ask my child to get up at 5a every day though... i cant put her through that now. i appreciate ur kind words..... :redbeathe

winterluv, it sounds like u and i have something similiar we are going through. its hard to rely on others to watch our kids when we have to work. i always had my parents to lean on but not much anymore since they live farther away now. i have a neighbor who offered to watch her in the morning before the bus comes but its too early in the morning 5x per week. i need to set my priorities straight and her welfare is too important to mess with.

i am leaning towards the per diem job, i know its better off in the long run.... i will contact HR this week. thanks again for your thoughts everyone.... ur words meant alot. i will keep u updated if you want to hear more....

THANKS :redpinkhe ;)

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Best of luck to you and we will be here for future advice to help get you through nursing school!!!! ;):yeah:

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Hi, just to let you know I declined the full time position. It wad hard to do but i know it was better for me in the long run. I have my daughter and nursing classes to think of and put first. I know a full time job will have to wait for now.... It will come along again when the time is right.

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Thanks dbenjamin... Ur words are kind and thoughtful. You seem like a warm and friendly person. :heartbeat

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