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I need some advice!!

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I graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing outside the United States.. I am currently in the US for 7 months and I am planning to take the NCLEx... can anyone help me or give me some advice on what should i need before consulting the BON?? do i have to take a TOEFL exam if the school i attended use English as a medium of instruction? please your response is a great help!!! thanks..


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what visa are you holding? if you are on immigrant visa, no need to take english proficiency tests.


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what state you want to practice? they have a website and the application for international graduates is on there with all the instructions. i can help you and post the link after you tell me.

Check with the website of the Board where you intend to get licensed. All instructions will be there.

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What visa are you in the US with? What state are you living in and planing on applying to?

Each state has their own requirements and 2 states now require a SSN before they will accept application forum to be a licensed nurse. Remember you are not applying for NCLEX but to be a licensed nurse in the US


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