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Do anyone know maybe saunders comprehensive nclex is good for preparation of nclex..am a new RN grad and alittle bit confused. i had wanted to do kaplan but trust me am very broke..but i dont know maybe saunders will help me in my nclex exam..



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Well I am a new grad and I am scheduled to take NCLEX in a week and half. I am using Sauders. I think it is helping me. I will let you know if it worked. I do not want to pay for Kaplan either. I went to the bookstore today and used Kaplan. I took the 180 question quiz. You could possibly do that if you like but there is only 1 quiz. I have been using the cd that came with the saunders book.

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yea, thats exactly what am doing, i hope it help though. wish yah goodluck..pls let me know how ur nclex goes. God will help you.thanks

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