I miss the OR.

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It left a bad work environment several months ago but it took me out of the OR and into a different nursing specialty. Its OK, everyone is great...love the hospital...but I miss the OR! They have an OR albeit small where I am at, I really wish I was working there but feel bad about leaving this new department short handed (and then there is the factor that I don't even know if they would hire me!). I miss the OR though. Just putting that out there.


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You gotta do what is right for you, if you know what I mean...


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I was offered a position in the OR today! Hoping all goes well!


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did you take it?


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Yes! I start October 15th!


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Yes! I start October 15th!

Congrats!!!! I know I would miss the OR if I left it. I hope you have a great experience.

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I have been working in the OR as a surg tech for 12 years finally went back to get my nursing degree.. Left the OR to get my experience as a floor nurse.. "Hate it" now I'm going back to the OR .. For sure that is where I belong

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