I am looking for anybody that has attended tenn tech covington lpn program.


I am looking for anybody who has gone through the tenn tech covington program. I need information on the compass test and nursing program in general. I am trying to get into the 2011 nights and weekend program...Lol i know thats a long time from here but they day that i found out about the program the next day was the first day of the new semester for the night time program. So now i have to wait a whole year to get in. An info will be helpful.Thanks!


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While I don't really know how the program works yet (I'm starting in the day program Sept. 1), I do know about the COMPASS. It's a pretty basic, adaptive, general education exam that can take anywhere from one hour to four hours to take. If you get a question right, you get progressively harder questions. If you get a question wrong, your next question is easier... The reading section is pretty basic - read a paragraph or two and answer some multiple choice questions about it, then read another paragraph, etc. The math section is the bulk of the exam, and it covers basic high school math. I would strongly suggest that you work through the practice questions (website for study is on TTC's webpage), and then see what you need to go from there.

They will probably begin offering the testing again in January, and it will most likely be available through the beginning of April. If you fail it, you are allowed to retest, but you have to wait awhile. If you think you will struggle with it, take it early.

They only send orientation letters to people who score in the "top percentage" of COMPASS results. I'm not sure how many people took it this past year, but there were probably 40-50 at orientation. Everyone who made it to orientation got an interview, and I have heard that they admitted around 25 people or so.

Your COMPASS score appears to be the major factor for deciding who is admitted, so it is going to be in your best interest to study for the test and score as high as you possibly can.

Good luck!