I know i should be thankful.....


but i'm pissy right now. Yes my Dh works HARD to support us. I'm lucky to be able to stay at home with our babies for a while longer before i have to return to work. Its bad enough he has to work Christmas day, but he's off Christmas Eve. I'm ok with that. But he went in on call on Friday, then worked sat, sun, mon and JUST got called in tonight! That's 60 hours of NIGHT SHIFTS in a row and he works DAY shifts. They rotate, and this was his week to rotate. We have yet to put up our Christmas tree cuz he wanted to go with us to buy it, and i'm 6 mths pregnant so i can't lift one anyway. My boys are little, 3 and 1, but GGGGRRRRRR. Yes it will be a nice check, but MY GOD he's exhausted. He hasn't finished his CHristmas shopping, AND he's got to turn around on Thursday and work a DAY SHIFT THEN!!! I'm just MAD cuz he's working so much extra to give us more, and this is HIS week for call, etc...and it just SUCKS.

ok just had to vent. :( :(

yes i'm thankful for my husband. I have it better than any woman i know. But we miss him. And he misses us and he's SSSSSOOOOOOO tired. :stone


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God bless him!


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He's working so hard so that you can stay home.

Just give him extra kisses and backrubs. He's being a man and doing what he needs to do.



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Ok after i had my temper tantrum i'm better. Its not HIM i'm put out with, its the job cuz they are totally exploiting their present call system. That's what he's mad about. I KNOW i'm lucky, i have the best husband in the world, a wonderful provider who truly thinks of us by working so much enabling me to stay at home. His theory is they are our kids, so why let others raise them? if he has to work more, then so be it.

I love him, i truly do. He's my best friend. And such a good daddy. Do you know he's not missed ONE prenatal appointment? Not for any of our children! i think that says a lot. he's such a good daddy when he's at home, playing, spending time with the boys, etc...he gets up after 4 hours of sleep to go see our 3 year old at his ice skating lesson. Means so much to my 3 year old that daddy is there!!!!!

yes he gets TONS of kisses and lots of backrubs. lol And i've been paying extra attention to other areas too when he's home. ;)

Thanks for letting me vent. Like i said, i KNOW how lucky i am and thank God daily for him.

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