I don't know if nursing is for me!


I hope i am posting this in the right place, i AM NEW TO HERE. I heard nursing is a wonderful career. This is going to sound really weird but I cannot STAND vomit!!!! I know being a nurse you need to deal with sick patience but has anyone else hated anything and gotten over it? I feel like nurses have no weak spots and aren't grossed out by anything. I really want to do this and i Truly want to work in labor and delivery but I am having a hard time getting over this vomiting thing. I know this sounds so crazy and somewhat immature but I do need advice.


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I have been an ICU nurse for 5 years and still get grossed out every once in a while. You get used to it, but some things you can never get used to. It is part of being human ( I still get nauseous when I hear someone wretching). You just have to remember that you are caring for someone and if you were in their place someone would care for you in the same way. Also, as a nurse, you are so busy acting when something happens that you don't have time to think about how gross it is half the time.


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Vomit I don't mind, it's the mucous that bothers me. I think we all have our own quirks, you just learn to deal with it.


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I worked in Oncology and I didnt see vomit too often. I made sure my pts were medicated so they wouldnt vomit. I am pretty sure you can avoid it pretty well. I really really really dont like surgery/wounds....I avoid that at all costs! I dont want to end up fainting on the floor.

We actually had a pt that had cancer on his whole face so bad it looked like a gun shot wound. I was so scared to go in that room AND he was my pt. By the end of the shift it didnt bother me...you get used to it.

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You definitely get used to it! Just learn how to breathe throw your mouth and you will be fine!

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Yikes...nursing may be a bit too much for you then.


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If you're not sure if you can handle being a nurse I would suggest being a CNA first. I have seen and smelled many nasty things. If you can't handle it as a CNA then I don't think you can handle being a nurse. When I've had to deal with vomit and other nasty things I try to hold my breath as much as possible.


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emptying colostomy bags...


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Thank you for all your responses!! I don't really get grossed out by much just vomit. I know this was such a weird post but I am glad I got some answers! I was thinking about volunteering at a hospital and maybe see if being a nurse is for me! Anyway, thank yoU!

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Most everybody has an Achilles' heel...mine is trach/lung mucus. And eyes. Blech. Anything else - broken bones, vomit, pus, gangrene, blood pouring out, I can handle. Eventually, even the things you don't like you learn to at least cope with so you can get the job done.

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