I don't know how I feel this second time


So I took NCLEX Aug 29 after using ATI and failed with 265 in a couple of hours, it says on the report that I just failed basically. I took it again today on little sleep and am sick. I prepared hard with Hurst and other Q/A banks and rationales. My Hurst Q Review scores were pretty good and I feel like I learned so much more. Anyway I got a lot of multiple choice but they were mostly priority. I got about 10-15 SATA and at one point got three in a row before it went to an exhibit question. I feel I was all over the place but KNOW I got some off the wall questions right and some seemed easier than others. Kaplan says they want you to get 50/50. Well it stopped about 85-100 questions this time and I took about an hour or so to do it, for me I did take my time and was aware of what they were asking, slowing down and reading all the questions and answers etc. I am on the fence of if I passed and am leaning more to that I did because of all the priority (Bolded words of Most, First, Priority) and also because I can not see after barely failing the first time, studying as hard as I did and "getting it" that I could have failed in waaaay less amount of questions! Also I know you can't gage it on how many questions but I think the second time around you should be able to read some sense into this.


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Took mine this morning..I can relate I'm retaker

What was yours like? I don't want to try that PVT because if I failed I would be heartbroken and don't have that money right now. How many and what types of questions did you get each time?


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hope you passed! keep us posted! did you use Kaplan second time? I am going to retake my exam in two weeks! I am little bit nervous but I feel the questions and critical thinking getting better on them!

I did the PVT and got the good pop up....I HoPE!!!! I did Hurst the second time and HIGHLY recommend it!!! That coupled with the NCLEX Mastery and ATI question apps on my phone! Hurst ties it all together and makes sense of it and I believe is making me a better Nurse!


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I did too Hurst review vidoes and contents notes! I didn't do the questions! I did have NCLEX mastrey I did majority of it when I was studying for Hurt body systems individuals! Now I am doing Kaplan I did about 70% and my scores been improving! PVT still works if it didn't take your money! Good luck (y)

Thanks!! Hurst is AMAZING on drilling the content in a non-stressful way! I will definitely write a testimonial when/if I get my confirmation Friday!


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I can relate. I retook mine this morning. I shut down after 85. And got good pop up. Nerves killing me. Last time I failed I had 205 and bad pop up. I wanna believe. I used exam cram by peardon exclusively this time

Did you notice if it said delivery successful?

Took mine this morning..I can relate I'm retaker