I just want a job


I just need to vent because I feel like you are the only people who understand. My family and friends just think I'm sitting at home "waiting" for someone to just hand me a job. But I have applied to over 100 positions... some even CNA and LVN positions.. heck I have even applied to work as a food handler for a hospital just so I could have an "in" See how desperate I am?!

I know many of my fellow new grad RNs have posted about their difficulties in finding a job in their area and have begun to look outside their city/state. I have also begun this process. :( In the beginning I was so hopeful. Now I am just getting depressed. :crying2: I cried last week. I am loosing sleep and my acne is flaring up. :banghead:

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Dear mlok,

You are far from alone in this as I'm sure you know. . .I have NEVER seen so many threads like yours :crying2: It is brutal out there!!

Unfortunately, most people have it drummed into their mind--nursing shortage--nursing shortage--nursing shortage--even other nurses still sometimes say that!! So don't let that get you down.

I got my job at a Home Health Agency 5 years ago, and even then my visions of waltzing into the job of my choice with the Hallelujah Chorus playing in the background did NOT come true. . total wake-up call

Anyways, I wish you the best and let us know if you do have to end up re-locating, where the best job market is:wink2:


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Oh, you sound just like me. I too have been actively searching and applying in areas within the hospital setting to at least get my foot in the door and all to no avail. I really think that perhaps it is the current economic condition that we are in..don't know what else to think. I understand how frustrated you are. I have been looking for over 6 months !! and I have gotten call backs but after they discovered I was a recent grad they opted not to hire me.....despite the fact that I did note that on my application and resume.

I have even offered to work for FREE !!!!!!! several days a week for the opportunity to be able to use it as a reference for required experience in the future.

I guess we are just really in a bad time right now....BTW I do work but it's in a retail environment..I needed something to pay the bills .......

very discouraged too here in Los Angeles Ca.


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If you are really desperate for a job, you can sign on with an eldercare agency. I did that because I'm not finding anything either. They can't guarantee you hours but it's better than nothing. Just thought I'd throw that idea out there.


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I heard that flu shot clinics are hiring and I'm even considering that.

I applied for that and I start next month. But it's only temporary so I am still looking for a permanent job. I mean, it's better than nothing. But I'm afraid I won't have a job when it's all over.

It's experience and that's what counts. Plus it's income generated. Keep looking and hopefully something will come your way soon afterwards.


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I am kind of upset. I had a classmate in nursing school I thought I was pretty close with. Anyway she found a job because she had a connection through a family member of hers. I asked her if they were still hiring and if she could ask for me. I would ask the facility myself, but she won't even tell me where she's working! I called, texted, and facebooked her. I'm pretty sure she is ignoring me because she has responded to her other FB wall messages. But she hasn't responded to any of my messages. I am kind of blown away that she is holding it back... it upsets me that she won't help/respond to me. Especially when I thought we were so close during school. We even talked about taking vacations together once we started working!

If I found a job, I would try to help others and find out if the facility I worked in was still hiring. And if they weren't, I would tell them. But then again... that's just me.


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That's terrible. I'll never understand why some people can just turn on you in an instant.


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First of all, you are not alone!

As for your friend, or ex-friend should I say, dump her. Dump toxic friends. Believe me, I learned the hard way. Was she really a friend to you? Real friends don't do that to each other. Don't worry, karma will come to her.

Just apply and don't lose hope. Yes it's a cruel, cruel world out there. But you're "ex-friend" got in because she knows somebody. It's true what they say, it's not what you know, but WHO you know. Happens in all parts of the globe.

Try and ask your parents or friends. Usually word goes around and they know the companies hiring, or better, they may know people who could put in a good word for you.

Persevere and be determined. You never know, the day that you've been waiting for maybe tomorrow.

Good Luck ;)

Just start applying everywhere and anywhere. If you run into her just smile and keep on moving. You don't need people like that in your life.

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