I just need an available advisor!


I am aware that this is a crazy time of year b/c fall is approaching. I called to set up an appt today to speak with an advisor. There is a 3 week wait!

My last advisement went horrible. The last two instructors I saw were old to nursing but new to advisement. I received poor advisement. It's frustrating b/c no one can answer my questions. All I hear is either "talk to so-and so" or "go ahead and apply to program and see..." And no one is friendly.

Well, I applied to the program for this year. I didn't get accepted. Now no one can tell me why. Except the list was long. And I get a bunch of "it may have been this or that."

I already have a BSed. I have a ton of classes under my belt. But a crappy GPA. I need to know what it takes and what I am missing to get into the program. Is it my gpa? Was it luck of the draw? I just want straight answers so that I can do what it takes to get there. Instead of chasing my tail around with the might have beens this when they weren't. kwim?

Did you have someone take 30mins to look over your transcripts and tell you your chances? I get "apply, let them go over your transcripts and we'll see."

What do you think? Do they post a reason somewhere in file of why you didn't get chosen? Or what req you didn't meet!? :mad:


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Define "crappy." It very well could be your GPA.

I know how you feel about the advising appointment waitlist. I never need to see an advisor, but my husband has to call in at least 4 weeks in advance to get into his cooking classes. He is required to meet every stinking quarter because they give him "approval" to sign up for the cooking labs.

If I were you, I'd just show up to the department that handles the nursing waitlist (for example, mine is the Health & Public Safety division), and I would ask to speak someone then. I'm sure someone else besides your advisor can answer your questions.

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I would be surprised if your school didn't have some sort of on-line guidelines for getting accepted into the program. My school's nursing application form is very clear on the minimum number of "points" needed to be eligible for acceptance. The only unknowns were how many other students are applying for the 54 spots? and what kind of grades do those students have? Do you know if you have taken the required pre-nursing classes or even need to take pre-nursing classes to get into the program.

I only saw an adviser one time and she helped me get into my first class. The nursing application is so clear cut, there isn't much need for an adviser. What kind of info does the school's web site give you?