I just accepted a GN position at Scott & White!


Hello everyone! I just accepted a position at Scott and White on the pedi floor! I am so excited!!! I'll be moving from Austin and I'm just wondering if anyone knows of any nice places to live? Some places to avoid? I'm thinking I'll move to Round Rock. Also does anyone have any tips for starting out at S&W pedi? Thanks!!!:nurse:


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Candiam, I don't live in the Temple area, but I just wanted to say :ancong!: :hpygrp:


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I spent the Summer of 2007 working in Austin, I sure miss the Mexican Martini's from Baby A's......


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Hi there! Came across your post and congrats on your position! I am actually SERIOUSLY considering relocating from upstate NY to work for Scott and White in Temple. (For many reasons-warmer weather, change of lifestyle, pediatrics being my primary goal). I applied for PICU though and talked to the nurse manager about the September graduate nurse program. I have been doing endless research :banghead: and have been looking at the Round Rock area vs. living in Temple. I am told I wont like the commute but I also think my lifestyle would be more suitable living closer to Austin. Can you give me any info on what your experience has been so far? I am looking forward at coming down in August to check out some places and hopefully for an interview. I just want to be sure that I'm making the right decision. I hear nothing but great things about the program but firsthand information is always much more reliable! thanks!! :D


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Congrats! Did you start in the June program?? I will be in the Sept one, so I am sure we will meet some time next month!!! Have you looked at georgetown at all? I love round rock personally, however, will be saving money by staying with my mom in Taylor(:zzzzz) its soooo boring here. But its not like you have to drive an hr to get where you want to go. Let me know how you like the Pedi Internship...and things I need to prepare for???:D

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