I have a JOB INTERVIEW to be a RN!!!!!!!!

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On Monday, I have a job interview with the NICU for a RN position after I graduate !!! I am sooo excited!!!!


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Good luck! I had a NICU job interview yesterday. It went really well and I hope I get the job. That hospital was my #1 choice to work at. I graduate in May too!!! May 21st! Our final exam is the 9th and then it's

Good luck!!!


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Congratulations and good luck to you!!

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How very exciting! And how encouraging to know that they will hire new grads for critical care areas!

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Oh Rose, how exciting!!!!!!! You must be so thrilled. I'm having a hard time finding many places in AZ that have new grad programs for the NICU. Let us know how it goes, good luck!!!

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