I had a interview for the ADN Mount Saint Marys College ADN program Spring/2009 MSMC

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Hi ALL!!!, it took me a while to actually sign up for this website but I just wanted to see if there are any other ADN SPRING/2009 applicants for mount saint marys program. I had my interview like a week and a half ago and I think it went well but they said it was going to take until around december 12th to hear any news. Ive heard from some people that if you get a interview its a very very very good sign (like youre in already) ad ive heard from other people that they dont take everyone!! does anyone know??? I just wanted to chat with other people who are as nervous, anxious, and worried as I am. As far was questions go does anyone know how strict they are when it comes to their pre-requistes? I have a critical thinking class but its not a philiosophy-critical thinking so im not sure if their going to take it. Also they say they want a elective in art, music, history, or literature. I have "religions of the world" and other basic general education classes, but im not sure if they meet that requirement or not, i have a associate degree in general studies so I better be ok!!! hehehe, if anyone wants to chat or help me out I would greatly appreciate it THANKS!!!!

Tell me about it... all I ever really do is check email or voice mail... lol. It's not that good of a time passer! lol. Well I'm super stoked for you! I have an interview too! At 3:35 and then it's on to the info session! Are you going to the info session today? And FYI: I am so very nervous about the interview. I really hope everything goes well. I'm trying to keep hope by saying "why would they accept us into the prenursing knowing that we dont have any prereqs to finish?" lol. But people do crazy things all the time. Oh and I was also told that I would be getting and email conformation for my interview with info and sample questions... did you ever get that? I still haven't received it yet. :confused:

OMG!!! I just got my acceptance letter into the direct option!!!!! AGH!!!!! How did you do?!?!?!?!?

Hi JM,

I just got back from Tahoe and when I did....I GOT MY ACCEPTANCE LETTER TOO!!!!!! So excited..but all the hurdles are still not jumped..unless they offer the 1230 to 430 co-hort I won't be able to attend because I don't have childcare in the evening from 430 to 930 pm (the other time of the cohort)...so until I go to the orientation on the 3rd and I find out whether they offer it or not...then I will be way excited...one hurdle at a time...wish day-cares were open in the evening:)

Hi Luckygirl,

I currently am an ADN student at MSMC...and unfortunately this is how this school works, they are completely unorganized!!! I just finished my first year of nursing classes and about to start my last year and i STILL don't have my clinical schedule and it starts in 2 weeks! This is the way it is constantly there. If I were you I would save your money and go to a CC, even if you have to wait the year or 2 it takes, if I was younger I would have. I don't know why MSMC has such a good reputation, their NCLEX scores are horrific! They have been threatened to have their accreditation taken away this year too....bad news.

Good luck to you!

To all on this thread:

I agree with the last post. Keep applying to Community Colleges. This school is so unorganized in their admin. Yes their teachers are good, but they are also students and working nurses, so as a student we take a back seat to them.

If you really want to go to this school, then apply for the BSN at Chalon campus, it is better there.

Dont waste your money for this ADN program at Doheny campus.

The NCLEX scores are horrible and we are all scared about losing accredidation.

Are you joking,diddyho?? What happens if they DO lose their accreditation?? I'm going to call in the morning and find out if this is indeed true..and what happens if you start the program and then they lose it...what exactly is their problems??Can you not reach them, they don't grade, they're flakey?? What exactly is it?? Please get back to me as soon as you can..I will be calling them tomorrow morning.


All I can say to you is this. If you are desperate to start a RN program then by all means due it. But if they lose their accredidation then we are all screwed. The admin office is never gonna own up to it when u call.

Just pull it the passing rate for MSMC adn for the past 2 years. Its not good at all. So thats why we fear of Accredidation being gone.

Classes start in about a 1 1/2 and I am so dreading it. And we dont even have our schedules yet.

So if you wanna deal with the stress of nursing school and a messed admin. power to u.

Just want you to look at all other options before u consider doing the MSMC program.

If you decide to go there, then see ya around.

The reply above is right on the money! Pull up the NCLEX scores for MSMC ADN on board of nursing website, you will see for yourself. MSMC got a new administrator who brought in ATI a program that is supposed to help you with the NCLEX....so far not look like it is working. You also have to pass all the ATI tests at the end of the semester, if you fail 2, you are out....This school is so messed up! My community college was more organized. Good luck Luckygirl!

Ok..no hard feelings fellow MSMC goers..I just wanted to get to the bottom of this mess..before I drop 30G on something that is not what its cracked up to be. I went to the administrators yesterday, and they said that they had not heard anything about MSMC losing their accreditdation. Needless to say, I'm sure there are planning issues that need to be addressed with their program..especially for the working adult. Thanks so much for posting your concerns and opinions!!


Just wanted to wish you luck in your endevour with MSMC. Just put it out there for all those looking to get into MSMC, it is a warning....we know what is really happening...our mental health teacher was the one that confirmed that MSMC was warned about their accreditation, if the administration doesn't want to admit it than what can we do? but to post it here for new students who want to do their research. See ya around campus....:)

ive been trying to figure out if MSMC ADN program lost their accreditation?

also the NCLEX pass rate has gone up since those past years of ~60% @_@

were they accredited by CCNE or NLN?? anyone?

i'm still waiting to hear back from them but if they lost their accreditation then ill have to pass...even if their reputation is "good"

For those of you that did get into the program, what was your passing score on the TEAS exam? Thank You

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