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I hate my job!

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I know there was a thread started somewhere on here, but I can't find it! I was just wondering, do any of you have a job that's health-related while you're attending school?

I can't stand my job anymore! I've worked as a waitress/hostess for the past 4 years at the same restaurant...I've been there since I was 17 and I will be 21 in September. Sometimes it's okay, othertimes I just can't stand working there anymore (like tonight, which is why I decided to start this thread in the first place).....I really just want to get away from the restaurant industry and start working in healthcare. Here's the problem: I don't start my CNA classes until July 9th, and by the time I become certified, it will be mid-September, so I can't start applying for jobs until then. However, my friend informed me that there was a position open at the assisted living facility she works at, and it is a job working in the cafe serving food, so I would still be able to interact with the residents, which is most important to me. This way I could get a little experience before I begin my CNA training. (I know that the job is nothing CLOSE to being a nursing assistant, but I thought it would be great to at least work in a nursing home in the meantime.)

What do you think---Should I just wait the summer out and deal with my crappy job, and just apply for a CNA job when I'm done my training?! Any opinions would be appreciated.

Sorry for my little rant, but today was just a bad day. :angryfire

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i have been a cna for 10 years now, and let me tell you, cna work is no easier. try working with 16 total care patients:crying2: , family members complaining:argue: , nurses calling you for things that they could actually do themselves:angryfire . being a cna is hard stressful work, but it is so rewarding:kiss .

taking a job in the nursing home may be a good idea, that way if you decide to work there as a cna at least you will be familiar with the patients.

only two days until the start of my third semester in the program!!!!!

A job as a CNA would be helpful especially as far as getting experience, but as the above poster said, it is very hard and stressful. I'm not sure which job would be harder.

I have always sworn I would never be a waitress.

Good luck to you.

Hey there! Well, As far as I'm concerned I would be making the needed changes toward your future goals. It is imperative that you begin to surround yourself and become familiar with the environment that you WILL be apart of. There is no doubt in my mind that you have the will power and patience to sustain and acquire a position as a CNA. Good Lord! You put up with waitressing for a long time. Who's to say! You could be completely pleased with the environment. Its not like old folks will scream at you right? lol :D Oh, you are well on your way to a wonderful and rewarding Career if you put up with waitressing for as long as you did :D God Bless you and Good Luck! Keep striving for your dreams, you WILL accomplish this!



Make sure you can afford it - I've been a bartender for 8 years, waitress as well in the past, and despite the fact that I would love to get some health care experience while in school, if I'm going to work instead of study it has to be worth my while. I probably would stick it out at the restaurant until you get the CNA license at least, b/c cafeteria probably pays around minimum wage. Remember to figure in taxes when you're computing your take home pay, which tends to work a little differently in a restaurant. Good luck with everything!

DreamyEyes specializes in Geriatrics.

Thanks for the replies. :) I guess I'm going to just stick it out and stay with my current job until I can apply for CNA jobs...September seems so far away! :lol2:

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