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Our hospital recently got a contract with an anesthesia group so that MDs would not have to call after hours and beg a gas passer to come in. So I call the exchange service to get the anesthesia guy on call and I'm told that the oncall guy is not working with our anesthesia group but is on call for them. I don't care, just call the guy cause I got a 41 yr old with a ruptured AAA. Well, they don't have any way to get in touch with him but he can be contacted through another exchange. I call them but they have never heard of him. So I go back to the original exchange and get their supervisor hopping on the job. I tell her I got a young guy bleeding out and my surgery crew is on the way in and she had better get hold of someone. Twenty minutes later, the doc calls and is on his way in. I'll be writing up the exchange here in just a minute. I just can't handle dumb very well! :angryfire

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That is frightening. Thank goodness we have 24 hour anesthesia being a trauma center.


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I don't do DANGEROUS very well. It seems to me your hospital skipped "dumb" and went straight to "dangerous" doing this.

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