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Hey fellow students---

I just wanted to share that I had a great day in clinical today. We have moved on from the nursing home (Praise God... geriatrics is *definitely* not where I want to be) and are now in the hospital, on a medical-surgical unit.

My patient today was a post-op lap chole..... in for observation. She was actually discharged while I was caring for her. I got to hang her a new bag of IV fluid and d/c her IV once we got the orders from the surgeon. These are major skills for me (the most skilled thing I did at the nursing home was a bedbath)! I'm super excited about this hospital thing. Actually, my patient's surgeon was one I know quite well, and he called me by his nickname for me and said how glad he was that I was becoming a nurse. He even offered me a job!

(Of course by the time I graduate he'll probably retire.. he's getting up there in years)

Anyway........ I just wanted to share what a fabulous day I had. I can't wait for clinical next week. I totally feel like I belong in a hospital (and not a mental one lol), and like I know what I'm doing, sort of. I just feel really comfortable and good about being there and taking care of people.


Of course, some people in my group are not adapting quite as well, and I feel bad for them, but great for me. :p

Take care all!


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Glad to hear that you had such a wonderful day!! May all of the clinical days that follow be as enriching for you!:cool:


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Rebecca, how wonderful for you! I am so glad that you had such a positive experience....

That will really help with your morale and confidence.



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I am happy you had such a great day!! Way to go!!


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Thanks guys... you all rock. :p

I'm just really happy that it turned out so well because all of my clinical days at the nursing home were sort of ho-hum, if you know what I mean. It was all pretty unskilled work and I didn't really look forward to clinical. I was beginning to wonder if maybe I was in the wrong field.

But I wasn't in the wrong field, just at the wrong clinical site.

How are your clinicals going?

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i am so glad you had a great day! :)

here's hoping that you have many more to come! :D

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