I graduated my RN program almost 5 years ago. Took NCLEX once and failed. Attempting to start again.

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Hi. Im here looking for advice and encouragement I guess. I graduated school almost 5 years ago to be an RN. I attempted my NCLEX once the first year and failed and became completely discouraged. After going through many personal things and stupidly putting my goals on the back burner, I am starting back up now. I want to finish what I started so bad. I try to study on and off but to focus after being out for so long is very hard. I am now disciplining myself to start studying even a few hours a day. I need to get this done this year. Has anyone waited this long to take the NCLEX? What are some ways you study and what helps you retain the info after being out of the game this long?


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Have you heard of Dr. Z? He has a podcast called “The NCLEX high yield podcast.” He also has free Zoom reviews. Last week he released a podcast interviewing an RN who took more than 20 years to pass NCLEX. One of my preceptors didn’t take the NCLEX for 10 years. 

Listening to Mark Klimek, he basically said, you should invest in a review, including new grads. When you sit for the NCLEX you want to consider that you have done all you could to get ready for the test. 

Hi I graduated in 2010 so its 12 years now I am writing mine again this March I really wanted this badly so I am using online review classes now like NHY with Dr Z you can try to check his free podcast and Youtube before enrolling to the $599 if you like it because I have been online browsing classes I can take because I get bored and sleep easily studying you to find or enroll into something that will help you get back relearning it again. I did UWorld and mark k went all the way to 145 and only got 1 below passing on my exam report, browse videos in Youtube some people suggest this and that but try it out and see which one adapt to your study habits and best of all discipline, have a routine study daily don't skip a day without reading browsing or doing qbanks-get a qbank that has a strong content its like doing content in qbank style like UWorld, had Arche as well and the vidz which I find boring but qbanks style is similar to NCLEX. Find something that fits your study habit figure out how you learn the most and you will find your momentum and get there. Best of luck for both of us!


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I fsilrd twice before passing on the 3rd try I used Mark, UWorld, and Hurst. All that and still failed. At first I was following the fad "do questions". It wasn't til the 2nd fail that it hit me "you can't answer a question if you don't know the content!!" A friend of mine introduced me to Remar!! When I tell you this program does not receive enough credit! The 3rd time I tested it was like the answers were jumping out at me, but I still took my time.  I took 3hrs for 60 questions. Honestly her stuff is straight to the point and gives you exactly what you need! You got this!!

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