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I Graduated from LVN School!!!

I have just finished my long journey of LVN school on August 11, 2017. It was not easy, but it was well worth every sleepless, tearful, exhausted moment. I have just one more obstacle (and a very important one for that matter) to overcome, and that is the NCLEX-PN. At the moment I am using my ATI Virtual Coach, but for some reason I feel as though it is taking a lot of time to go through the modules and then taking small quizzes at the end of it. I wanted to study more exam-like questions and be able to take notes on important information like lab values. I do currently own the Saunders Comprehensive Review 6th edition. I seem to enjoy the Saunders study book more than the ATI online.

Has anyone taken the NCLEX-PN, and how hard was it? What would you recommend for studying material? I have heard that the Pearson Vue Comprehensive NCLEX-PN book is good? I am currently looking at getting U-World, Hurst, or Kaplan live review. I am not too sure which one would benefit me the most. I am hoping that I pass this exam the first time.

Congratulations! Good luck on NCLEX!

Edited to add: Sorry, I was multitasking and totally missed answering the actual questions hahaha

I've taken the NCLEX PN. It was stressful, I felt like crap afterward, but I did just fine (and I'm no rocket scientist ;) )

I am a big fan of Uworld. They didn't have that around back when I took NCLEX PN, but they did have it when I took the NCLEX RN, and I swear by it. I even used it through my bridge program and it significantly improved my HESI scores.

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Congrats and good luck. I used an app called NCLEX Mastery PN Handy to take anywhere

Thank you for the reply, I will most likely end up getting U world. I have heard many great things about it too!


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