I got "hired" at a HH agency


I'm a new RN and got hired as an RN at a home health agency. I was given a 2 hour

orientation about the computer system and that's where it ended. I asked if I would at

least be able to shadow another nurse for a few visits but the DON made it seem like it would be difficult. I was an LVN before but opening cases, discharges, and assessments were not in the scope of the LVN. Is this common practice? Should I be lucky that I was even given the time of day?:cautious:

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Sounds very scary as well as unsafe. I don't do HH but from others that I know and from reading on here; they did get a least some orientation not just for the computer. I would be very careful, sounds like sink or swim.


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I know...I feel stuck. If I pass on it, who knows when I'll get another offer;(


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I worked for Home Health as LVN. They had me "shadow" RN for 2 weeks. In Home Health, there is much less opportunities to mess up than in the hospital, but it is possible. Most pts are stable. Most issues/problems solved by calling supervisor/doctor/social worker. I would keep looking for another job, while working in Home Health. Generally speaking, Home Health is not the best for new grads, but I know that the job situation is difficult.


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Take the job, learn all you can. On your spare time research the diseases and procedures. You would be amazed at what you find online. You will get the training you need. If you are unsure about a situation, call your lead, or if that doesn't work, call the doctor. They are sending you on an assignment for an LPN, which means that the patient is stable.


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Thanks, but after I asked for a longer orientation and to possibly shadow a nurse, I never heard

from the agency again. I don't regret my decision or theirs. It is now understood that I probably would not have gotten the support I needed with the agency's response anyway.

I'm hopeful for something more substantial and I will keep plugging away at the employment crisis.