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Hey everyone,

Thanks for all the well wishes. I was accepted into an ADN, however I have an AA from a 4 year university but could not get accepted there. They take 48 out of 600. I am pretty sure of the date of graduation. I know it is a 16 month program and we do not get off for summer. So if I start in Jan and go nonstop thru May then thats 16 months. But everyone has me worried...is this too short? I have done all my pre-reqs so all the classes are nursing classes. Let me know if you all still think this is fast.Thanks Jodie

Hi Jodi, Congrats - that's great. I started a 2 year (5 Semester) Nursing Program in August. We go straight through with classes all next Summer and then graduate May 2006. A lot of ADN Programs are 4 Semesters with the Summer off - so if you're starting in January and graduating next May (that's your 4 Semesters). Best of luck to you. Susan

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