I got my dream job!

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Specializes in mental health, aged care/disability care.

As a mental health nurse!! I'm absolutely ecstatic :yeah:

I've been trying desperately for a psych job since I finished school and kept getting told that I needed a minimum of 2 years experience in an acute ward BEFORE I could work in psych. I was so bummed out by that but now I'm over the moon and still don't have that 2 years acute experience!

It's an open psych unit, that can become a lock down unit if necessary.

Now I just have to get my psych terminology up to speed.


Chris :w00t:

Specializes in Psych (25 years), Medical (15 years).


Yahoo! Congratulations! I'm a newly hired mental health nurse, too, and also my dream job! Keep us posted how things go.

Specializes in Psych.

I went directly into psych and I too have landed my dream job. I absolutely love it.

Congrats to my fellow brand new psych nurses!

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CONGRATS! Im happy for you I can only imagine how it must feel, probably similar to when i got my fist job .period. lol I want to do psych so badly its like im longing for it. I WILL get a psych job sooner or later :)

Congratulations to you! You will enjoy

working with a variety of patients and their families.

Keep safety, yours and your patients a top priority.

I listed your safety first, because if you and your team are

not communicating clearly staff safety becomes compromised.

Keeping the unit safe involves patients seeing staff as a

cohesive team. As my manager stated keeping the environment

safe for patients is the first priority, it takes the team working

as individuals but with a constant awareness of all of the interactions

to keep a unit safe.

In our area Psych NPs are in demand, so there is plenty of room

to grow if psych is your passion..

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