how do I get into acute care?


I graduate in June with an ADN. There are 9 nursing schools in my county. Getting a residency is next to impossible. I will still apply to every hospital RN job under the sun, but being realistic, I likely will not get an acute care position. That being said, If I ultimately want to be at the bedside, where can I start outside of a hospital? Is it possible to transition from long term care to acute care? or dialysis nursing to acute care? or out pt nursing to acute care? where would you suggest a new grad with eyes on med/surg start if they cannot get into a hospital?

Thank you!

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Check with the hiring policies of those hospitals. They may only be hiring BSNs now. This is happening in many areas of the country as a result of research-based recommendations on acute care staffing as well as the Magnet initiative.

If this is not the case, I would suggest that you take a look at LTACs. These provide some very high acuity care but the patients have a longer length of stay.