I can't find a state board in USA that doesn't require a local license from PI?


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CGFNS exam is the exam and one gets a CG Certificate when they pass that as well as one of the basic English exams.

The CES is a credentials eval that is done by CGFNS. They require the local license before they will complete it if the state requires the local license. They are the ones that do the verifications for the state.

Each of the states are always looking at making changes to their requirements for licensure. VT has accepted a letter in the past if one did not write the local license exam, but that is something that you will need to check directly with them.

It is not a point of what you can do at this time, but what the requriements are for the specific state. They are set up as they deem necessary and they usually do not grant any exceptions to this rule. VT would be the best for you to try for, but again, if you are not going to work in VT, then you need to be aware that if a state required the local license for initial licensure and you did not obtain a couple of years of work experience in the US, they are not required to endorse your licensse for you.

It has been a well-known fact for more than a year that CA was going to tighten their requirements and that other states would be doing the same as well, this is something that you are going to need to deal with.

And as I keep repeating, any time that someone tries to take a short-cut to get around something, it usually will bite them on the backside.


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JLMC2007 think about what you are asking to happen.

You are asking the state board of nursing in a state in the USA, which is established to ensure that qualified medical professionals are licensed to practice medicine in the state of jurisdiction, to license you and validate you for work when you have no licensure or evidence of ability to work as a medical professional in your country of origin.

Do you see how that is a difficult position?

Honestly it just makes good sense to be licensed in the country where you were educated and are originating from so that this license acts as a validation of your abilities to a foreign office who you are asking to license you for work in their jurisdiction.

I know you are desperate for a solution but I think if you just step back and think about what it is you are asking to happen you will see why it is not logical.

I wish you success in your pursuit of a medical career in the USA though.

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