I feel stupid

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First day in second level of med surg 1 and I'm feeling a little dumber. Fluid and electrolytes are not my forte

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Trust me, in school they are noone's forte lol. It's the subject with the lowest passing rate of all the tests. I recommend the book Fluid and electrolytes made easy. Feel free to PM me if you have questions and I will try to help make sense of it lol.

I would recommend fluid and electrolytes made easy as well. It helped me!

I am going to have to remember this book.

I think F&E is the bane of every nursing students existence!

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this is not an easy topic but EVERY patient is at risk for F&E problems. It is a topic you will practice over and over. I too recommend the book.

Thank you everyone and yes I got the book from one of my old teachers an I will be using it!

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