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I feel like a looser :(


hello friends , this is first time i am posting something though i am regular visitor of this site. now here is my story that i wanted to share with you guys. i am foreign studed nurse . i gave nclex three times but unsuccessful . first time i took hurst reveiw and theory from saundras and i failed at 100 questions . next time i took kaplon .my readiness test was 64% but again failed and now when i collaborate kaplon. pda of lacharity , nclex 4500 and saundras i failed at 75. i was confident when i came out of test center but when i came home after couple of hours i did pvt and it took me all the way to cc page . i get shocked . neither i have confidence nor money to give nclex again . i feel like looser . i dont think i can pass it ever.:( :cry:

I am so sorry to hear. I know the feeling. Don't give up. There is hope. Evaluate what you are doing wrong and pay attention to the weak areas from NCLEX. Practice as much questions as possible.

I am sorry to hear that... I fail 2x I am going for my 3rd time.. I admit... my shame level is already ground zero... goin on my 3rd time feels me like I am so dumb..but here I am again...but.. we need positiveness.. despite all these failures i still have to hold on..because I know time will come for me and I'l be one of the nurses too that works in the hospital...you should keep holding on too.

Hello there:

I understand your frustration but dont let that get to you. NCLEX is not a measure of true intelligence. You must remain positive! You will pass when the time is right!

Believe in yourself and try to figure out what you are doing wrong.

we are all here to help you.

How are you going to win the NCLEX battle if you have a set failure in your mind? Go strive infinitely until you capture the goal of passing NCLEX.

Thank you so much guys . I really appreciate your encouragement . Yes I am doing this again but have to wait for 45 days . Let's see what happen . Right now I don't know where to start again .

Good Luck ! You can do it !

That's the right attitude. Keep going and don't look back. Good luck.

Don't feel discouraged. I failed 2 times and my third try is next Tuesday, April 3.

I lost all hope and I was depressed for months, then I got this sudden burst of energy

to get up and try again. We're all here for you!! Don't give up!! :nurse:

sorry to hear the news. keep going. . May god Bless you