I feel like a janitor


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Do you'll feel like janitors sometimes? Don't get me wrong, cleaning rooms, transporting patients isn't beyond me.

But sometimes it just feels like you have to hurry and get them on the table, get them off, clean the room and then do it all over again.

We typically do about 40some cases/day. we just went down to 1 assistant. there duties now mainly include ordering supplies, stocking rooms, assisting techs. don't really assist us nurses.

we do have housekeeping emptying trash.

every year it seems to get worse and worse, with our caseload etc

and I'm sick of management -

and sick of the press ganey scores.

but I love my coworkers-all except for 1!!! and I love my patients

Does anyone else feel like they are being worked to death?


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Yes, do more with less.... It's the same in our hospital


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Well if you are wanting to stand in a line for those who hate press-ganey...my bet it is a very long line. It is an new version of the old hospital mentality that says "we dont want to solve the problem, we just want to know whose fault it is".

Sorry that you are feeling like you are worked to death, but welcome to the world of nursing, I think this is true for most of us these days. If there is a hospital that doesnt treat their nurses like this...please...please speak up because I want to apply for a job...if I have to work until I drop dead...at least I would like to do it in a more nurse friendly environment.