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Hello and thank you for taking the time out and reading. I have reached my breaking point and am fed up. I am a new LVN grad in Los Angeles and CANNOT find a job. This is the absolute worst. I spent one year in HELL going through VN school and even more hell taking my boards. Needless to say, me passing my boards was the worst thing that could have ever happened to me. I came into the world of nursing thinking that there was a "shortage" of nurses. Boy was I wrong. NOBODY WILL HIRE ME, a new grad. I earned my license in June and we are now in September and have not gotten ONE call back, even for an interview. I've submitted tons and tons and TONS of applications(walk-in, fax, mail, over the internet). Ive submitted over 100 applications and nobody wants me. I am beginning to believe this was a big mistake. My loan payment it kicking me in the rear because I have no job. I've tried to submit everywhere such as SNF, long term care, rehab, acute care, psych, home health, assisted living and more. My husband and I fight all of the time because I nobody wants to hire me. I have tried to tweak my resume a million times and it is next to perfect. Still, employers will not give me a chance. Have I made a mistake? STress is truly killing me. I have only been able to get about 3 hours of sleep each night because I am constantly looking for a job. Where did I go wrong? Possibly this career. :mad:

Employers in SoCal can turn new grads away because there is an LVN program on every corner.

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i'm sorry to hear you're having such a rough time. i am not a nurse, but i will throw in my 2 cents. some of it is a repeat of previous comments before me.

go back to school and get your RN--this will stop your loan payment. i have a friend who is a LVN and is doing the indiana state bsn program. maybe that is an option for you.

tell your husband to kiss off--in a nice way. lol. or just keep the TV on the news chanel so he can hear everything about how we have no jobs.

appy at :

dr offices (try private optometry, private urgent care offices, private dermatologists, even try the dentist, just try try try. the urgent care clinic i go to is owned by a MD and he hires all nursing students so there may be something for you, also, maybe even a chiropractic office. may not be what you want, but you'll get a paycheck and free back adjustments.)

the VA--they hire lvns. go to the state of ca site, and you'll see a link that says "why should you work for california" or something similiar.

home care--they usually have openings for LVN's or RN's to oversee the caregivers

home health and hospice--apply at all of the one's in your area

assisted living--you said you already tried, but try again. :)

dialysis--fmc or davita. not sure about fmc but davita does hire lvn's. :)

private nursing--i see ads on CL all the time for private nurse agencies who want lvn's and also rn's.

good luck to you!!!!!!! and congrats on being a nurse!!!! it will get better for you i hope :)

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