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I dont know what to study

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Hello! I just found out that I failed the NCLEX PN for the third time.. Guess "third times a charm" is not true when it comes to me. I found this web site on google and I think it is great and the support seems to be amazing. I am still getting familiar with the site and I have been reading other peoples posts..

Can anyone that has taken the PN exam tell me or suggest what to study? I have so many books and just feel so overwhellmed and I have no clue where to start studying again.. HELP!!:bugeyes::bugeyes:


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First a hug. I understand the frustration and disappointment after doing everything you are suppose to do to prepare. However, and someone told me this one time, it doesn't matter how long it takes to get there - just so you get there.

With that said, the first thing I would do is take a break. A couple days/a week and clear your head, refresh and recharge. I'd get my next exam date scheduled and then set a realistic timeline for review. If you are reviewing on your own, as I did, I selected one review book for content area and just went through it from front to back. I used other resources for additional question practice or occasional content review. But basically stuck to the order of material in one book - Saunder's. I took the NCLEX-RN, and am not familar with the differences with the NCLEX-PN but think the approach for review should be the same.

I wish you the best and you will find plenty of support and motivation on this site...these folks are wonderful!

I need help, how to study for RN nclex. I did not pass the first time.:bow:

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hello everybody.try doing suzannes plan.thats what im doing.il be taking the exam for the 3rd time this may.


When did you take it?

I passed it the first time around last March and got my license 15 days later.

First of all, I graduated from nursing school March of 2007. What i did was i started studying last September 2007 by beginning with the fundamentals of nursing. Then i gradually moved on to the different nursing areas and the last week before my exam, i studied my waterloo which is pharmacology.

From September 07 to the first week of march, I studied every for two hours a day since i was at paramedic school during that time.

December came and i started answering around 100 to 200 questions a day and taking note of my mistakes and studying and focusing on them.

So all in all, it took me five months to self review the NCLEX-RN.

As for you, you may retake it 3 months later and then try to gradually study your waterloos and then get back to refreshing the other topics uv studied. Practice, practice, practice...

do not memorize, just understand the topics, use proper test taking tips.

I recommend Saunder's, Lippincott and those little "Nursing Pocket Guides" like Mosby, FA Davis etc.

The night before the exam, try to relax...and the day before it, never do anything related to the exam. OKAY? Get a good night's sleep and then relax upon waking up.

Don't forget your breathing exercises and prayers...

Thank you all. I took on march 18 2008:up:

Ah okay...that must have been a bad experience. I tell you, if you don't look at NCLEX-RN as a monster, then you'll be fine. Okay?

Just keep your focus and my heart goes with you. God bless.

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