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Im so stressed... I dont work and im a parttime Lpn program...I however have young kids.. I went into class yesterday, and forgot I had a quiz in a panic I grabbed my materials and crammed for 30 minutes.. I guess my short term memory is good because I remebered everything I needed to..

I knew being in nursing school was not going to be a walk in the park but all these quizzes and exams are stressing me out.. everyday there is quiz and we find out that there will be a exam 7 days before.. its alot of material to remember and lord forbids if you fall behind in your reading..Im trying to get it together and become more oganized i just dont know how im going to remember it all!!:confused:

Help Please.. I need to make it through this .. So many have dropped out already..we are only 1 month into the program...


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Please try to relax. Organize your work and make out a study schedule. I would try to go through the chapters and try to focus on the main points based on what your professor emphasize in the class. I know it is hard at times but please try not to put yourself under too much stress. Try to be focused and do what you have to to and you will be surprised at how much readings you have covered.

You will be fine. Quit worrying!

I will be praying for you my friend.



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- Here is my advice on getting organized.

1. Calculate number hours you need to study.

How many hours is the class/lab scheduled for. Add those numbers up for the entire week and multiply by 3

Example: My A&P class meets 3 hours and lab meets 3 hours. That's 6 hours a week of class & lab time. Multipy 6 by 3 and you have 18 hours.

That's how many hours you need to study for a 85-90% grade. I add another 10 hours this is an accellerated 10 week class, plus I have the time.


2. Set up study schedule.

Now: Using this number of hours as a base. You want to set up your study times. Usually no more than 2 hours of memorization at a time. You can do 2 hours of memorization followed by 30 - 60 min of writeups if you have to.

I try to minimize my writeups to 30-60 min a day - and do it during my lunch hour at work. Can't memorize at work - so might as well use that time to do writeups.


- So, you should now have study time commitment, and study schedule. Try to stick to same schedule every day.


3. The kids.

Option 1: Shoot 'em & Bury 'em.

Option 2: Since you'll get in trouble for option 1, I'd suggest you do option 2. Make a 30 min play time period every day. This is your "break time". For me, it's when I empty litter pans for my two kitties (persians), water them, brush them, and basically make the transition from work/school over to studying.

I actually have a timer and at 30 min - bingo - I go to studying. Cats seem to know this too.

If your hubby is around, get him to take some responsibility for kids. It's called an "investment" in your family's future.

Get a schedule for laundry, kiddy baths & maintenance, your maintenance/etc.


- Hope this helps. What you need is a game plan and that's what I tried to do in my discussion above.


John Coxey

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REMEMBER!!!!! Organizing is in itself time consuming. If you're spending more time organizing than studying, then re-evaluate.

you'll get into a groove...

good luck and many blessings.....

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I have 2 young kids as well that are not in school yet, I am home with them alllllllll day (lol). Anyways, you need to make sure you schedual in your study time and WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN. If I did not write everything down (like my tests and quizes) no way would I remember it all. Other than that I am up till 2am studying most nights after they are in bed for the night. I normally take 14 credit hours per semester and have done fine, but I am tired all the time...lol

You can do it and do well, but get a bit more organized and get a good planner or calender that is easy to use and most importantly easy to SEE. I just use a regular wall calander so I can *see* when my tests, etc are an a cheap planner to write everything else down with.

Good luck!



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ok John is this a week or in a day??? my class Nursing 101 is 3 hours so that would be 9 hours of studing is that in one day? or in one week? I dont think I can get in 9 hours of studying a day...


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How about clinical time? We will be spending 7 hourd a week in clinical. Do you also multiply that by 3?

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I make all A's and I dont multiply anything by nothing, I just study till I know it! LOL

But he has a good point, for most classes they say to average 3 hours study time per hour you are in class (or something like that). I guess it just depends on the class and the person though. Some people (like my husband) dont have to study at all and make easy A's and some people study 20 hours a week for the same class and barely make C's.


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Originally posted by Born2BAnurse

ok John is this a week or in a day??? my class Nursing 101 is 3 hours so that would be 9 hours of studing is that in one day? or in one week? I dont think I can get in 9 hours of studying a day...

It would be for a week. 9 hours a week study time for that class.


I found that I had to write a schedule for myself for each day, and allocate a specific time to each subject i.e. Sat. A&P was from 1 to 3, then 15 min break, then Pharm. from 3:15 to 5:00, etc. It was VERY hard to stick to, but I found it worked best for me. Also, I bought one of those Day Timer schedulers like Marilyn said, and wrote it what tests, exams, papers, etc. I had due on which day, as much ahead of time as possible. I think you'll find they have a routine for tests, so plan the time for that. The most important thing I learned is that you have to intentionally let some things go -- very hard for us control freaks!!! Let the house get cluttered - who cares? I don't think I dusted my house at all from September 1st to the end of December. This is also where you really have to get the support and help of your loved ones, especially your husband. It's amazing what they can do if they understand how crucial it will be to your(and ultimately, their) success. Anyway, do your best to hang in there, and remember to take one day at a time - no joke - it's what got me through school.


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