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I am done


Has 2 years experience.

It is not a good thing that I am sitting here crying. I am not good at this. My manager called me 7am this AM asking me about paperwork. See my handwriting is bad so I type out everything on a PDF copy our forms. ANd when I need to recert I go over the med sheets and if needed type the new meds and the changes and copy the other ones. I am spending ALOT of money on ink since I currently have 22 pts and working 6 days a week. I also come home and type my notes nightly. I am soooooo stressed. My manager asks me questions and I do not know the answers. I have been sending out many resumes I want to be able to have a 9-5 job so I can go back to school for my BSN. I just want a job to help people. Maybe I should just be a CNA.

A coworker printed his charting due to his handwriting. This sounds more reasonable. It still would take longer, but at least you could get started on it in the home. Working as a CNA isn't going to help your resume at all. You would be creating a red flag for future employers. You are aware that if you switched to extended care, you would decrease your documentation to one nursing note each shift, completed during the shift?

Have you tried taking some handwriting classes? I have medium neatness handwriting. My job said something in the beginning but they're decent about it now. I still would like to improve it more.