I am currently an LPN student in my 2nd quarter and I want to get in the nursing....

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I am wanting to get into the nursing field now...What are my options? I know I can challenge the CNA exam,but I really do not want to be a CNA. I would really like to work in a hospital. At rotations, I met a PCT. How do I become one of those? Do I have to be a CNA first like she was or can I challenge that as well since I am far advanced from that? Thanks!


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Are you wanting to work because you 'need' to just to work. I ask this because unless you really have to I would just focus on school. How much longer do you have left in your program?


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I do not believe that there is a specific test for PCT. At the hospital I work at, you either have to have your CNA or have completed your first semester of nursing. PCT is a CNA position sometimes with some added skills based in your training.


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I have no choice but to work. With this Economy and the unstable job my husband has...I need to do something. I am currently working full time in the hotel business. I can't study in my down time anymore, they would rather me surf the net. i am getting sick of this place and really think being in the medical field would help my schooling...at least there they would care about what I am trying to accomplish! If i did not have to work, I wouldn't. Work often gets in the way. We have to support our kids though!


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What about caregiving I would look in Craigslist there always seems to have people looking on there for caregivers :) Also have you looked into Americorps?

go to your local hospital's website and find career opportunities or the like. my local hospitals will hire you as a pct after your first semester of fundamentals, and teach you the phlebotomy part once you're hired.

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It likely depends on your state and then also how your local hospitals define the role.

Where I live, PCT programs have training for NA duties, phlebotomy and EKG. The completion of the course allows one to sit for NA, phlebotomy and EKG exams and obtain certifications. Hospitals hire those possessing the certifications; those without them usually seem to have many years work experience.

Though I've heard others say hospitals will train a CNA for phlebotomy and EKG, I haven't seen that here myself. Of hospitals which hire CNAs, there are separate phlebotomists and EKG techs. Of those who hire PCTs, the duties are enmeshed.



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