I have to confess...


when I have a bad day at work what keeps me sane is knowing that I can come to this forum (CNA & General) to post about it.

It feels so good to be able to commiserate with people who know what I am going through. I wish I could work with the posters on this forum.



fuzzywuzzy, CNA

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I feel the same way! I had to work with some real idiots today and I came home sooooo annoyed, I came straight to this forum!


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A lot of times I start writing posts in my head during work and keep editing them over and over until I get home and get around to typing them out.

Every time something strange/funny happens, I'll think "Oh!! I need to post this to such-and-such thread on allnurses!"


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Same. It keeps me sane...and being able to gripe about things keeps me loving my job, despite the idiots I work with. :)


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Instead of gassiping with the gassip group, I post here. IT FEELS SO GOOD!!!


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It really helps keep me sane.

kool-aide, RN

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I love this site. I have learned some great tips and tricks of the trade, anywhere from clinical skills, to interpersonal skills in the workplace. Support is also bountiful! I love AN!