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I tried alot of things but still.This has been goin on for months and its killin me,every night when i try to close my eyes and stop thinking different things,it just keeps on coming and i cant stop it.I tried to take sleeping pills(zolpidem),it work but im becoming drug dependent thats why i stopped taking it,then i drink milk before bedtime,exercise and physically i get tired but my mind still awake and stuff keeps on coming and the worse thing is its like a television thats keeps on changing channels and cant control it.I feel like my mind want to explode.Please help me!I cant concentrate during daytime becoz of lack of sleep.I wanna put an end on this suffering,i hope u have advice or suggetions that can help me,i dont wanna take any medication anymore.thank you.

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When I can't sleep, I actually turn on the TV because it will take my mind off whatever is going through my head. It's just mindless to stare at the screen, and it can be relaxing. I put my TV's sleep timer on for 30-60 minutes and usually fall asleep before it shuts off. My dad does the same with his clock radio.

Celestial Seasonings' Sleepytime Tea is great, like a minty chamomile kinda thing - now they make Sleepytime Extra which has valarian in it to aid sleep.

I work nights, so to help sleep during the day I sometimes wear earplugs, an eye mask, turn on a loud fan for white noise, etc.

If there's a lot on your mind, a lot of people swear by journalling. Just write it all down an hour or so before you need to get to bed. Physically letting it all out like that can ease your mind.

The absolute BEST thing I do is so easy it's crazy, but it works. My TV, clock, phone, fan, etc., is on the left side of the bed. So if I'm watching TV or whatever, I'm on my left. When I decide I need to sleep, I simply roll over to my right side. I only lay on my right side to sleep, so when I get into that position my mind just goes blank and I fall asleep! ROUTINES!


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How about a warm bath, hot tea, and a boring book? I wouldn't exercise befor bed as that has always given me endorphans to be allert and up. I went through a similar situation it was horrible and it lasted for months, but it went away as quick as it came. Good luck.

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For me a small, simple water feature that sets on the night stand and bubbles water is enough to lull me to sleep.

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The TV method works for me too. I put it on QVC, volume down low, and it knocks me right out! LOL :D

I just find something soothing about that background noise... I'm not very comfortable with being home alone after dark (we live out in the boonies and our home has been broken into three times while we were out) and the TV masks all those nighttime-creaky-house noises. :)


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I use QVC too LOL!!


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I use the TV method also. I have tried everything to help me sleep and it is the only thing I have found that works!!!


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I have a textbook that I read that can send me off to dreamland within 5 minutes. LOL

I stuggle with falling right to sleep for about 3 hours then I am wide awake for the rest of the night with my mind wandering.

I do find that if I physically get up, write stuff down, or do something boring, that I can usually get back to sleep.


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I HIGHLY recommend Tension Tamer Tea. It WORKS!! I put sweet'n' low in it. When I am wound up, I have my kids join me for a cup. It works on all of us.

I don't know how it works, but I do know it works. What I find interesting about it is, I can be online, or working on H/W with all the things runnibg thru my mind and just get really calm and tired. It is sooooo nice!!

Please let us know if our advice worked.

PS You can buy Sleepy Time and Tension Tamer at WalMart.


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Good job on deciding to get of the sleeping aids. :)

Falling asleep has been a struggle for me as well. Below are some suggestions that work for me. However, the main thing is getting a good sleep routine. If you are having problems sleeping, you may have insomnia and may need to go to a sleep clinic if it really starts to effect you.

- I would strongly advise not working out before bed as another suggestion said. Try working out in the morning.

- If you drink caffeine, try cutting that out of your intake or cutting down on it.

- Are you tense? If you can, try to get a good neck/back massage with lotion within a few hours of going to bed.

- Warm Milk

- Night Time Tea

- Hot Bath

- If you can't sleep, get up. Don't lie awake trying to get to sleep any longer than 30 minutes. If it goes that long, get up. Do something quiet and non-stimulating, like ironing, dishes, laundry... When you feel tired again, go back to bed.

- Get up earlier in the morning, this may be hard the 1st week or so, but it'll help you sleep at night. That's when you should workout, in the morning! ;)

- Some people say TV, but ya know, the TV makes me stay awake longer. QVC on the other hand, may work. :)

Good luck! If you still can't sleep, I would suggest going to a sleep clinic.


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i tried the tv method and guess what,i end up watching it till 5am,lolz(i guess doesnt work for me),then i tried warm bath and read book(since i graduated college,i rarely read books),tried warm milk also,wrote down things that its in my mind...sad to say it didnt work:confused: ...now ill go to walmart and try tension tamer tea and sleepy time...thank you so much guyssssss:kiss .

i will also try to cut down my coffee.OMG!i luv this site.Im glad i found it!

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I had this problem a short while ago. It lasted for about six months. Now I only have the occasional sleepless night. These are the things I found helped me. Absolutely cut down on coffee, tea, colas, etc. at least eight hours before bedtime. Take a bath/shower an hour or two before bed. I use a lavender aromatherapy bath wash, and lavender and chamomile Johnsons baby powder. Put on my comfy-est pajamas. Use my down pillow and comforter. Turn on the fan (pointing away from me) for white noise, and to stir the air. I also put on a CD of a thundering rain storm. I usually watch tv to clear my thoughts, or maybe read a book. On the nights I just knew I would have trouble sleeping (like Sunday night before I had to work on Monday morning), I would take 50mg of Benadryl about 1 1/2 to 2 hours before bedtime. It would really be working good by then, and it would wear off before time for the alarm to go off in the morning. If I take it any less than 8 hours before time to get up, I have an awful sleepy hangover, making it really hard to get up. Hope these things help you. Good luck.

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