I am BOTH RN Bsc & Paramedic,wanna work\do my M.A in Usa\Eu ! any ideas ? please


hello there

I am 24 years old guy from Nazareth, Israel

with one year experience as a [Registered Nurse BSc] and [Paramedic] from the Hebrew university in Jerusalem,Israel

i really want to have the chance to continue my study (do my m.a for ex) and work at the same time at some really good place

i have no problem to do it in the Usa\Europe.

what should i do ? where to head ? any guidelines ??



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I don't know what a MA is, are you referring to Masters of Arts ? Medical Assistant ?

Nurses in the US get a Masters in Science or MSN.


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oh sorry

i mean Masters in Science,second degree!

i just wanna find good place to work in,is there any special exams that i shoud do?

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If you are on a work visa or green card, you can study at the same time. If you're on a student visa, you cannot work at the same time as you study (well not except on campus work). What visa are you planning to come on?


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working in 1st place,and then maybe i'll do my masters!

the question is whats next step ? where to go from here ?

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Obtaining a work/immigrant visa is going to be tough especially with the current US economic environment