I have the best preceptor in the world!

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I had my first full day with my preceptor today on the floor and I am just in awe. She started in L&D as a new grad 25 years ago (graduated from the same school as I did) and has been there ever since. I honestly think she may know more than some of the doctors. Have you guys ever been taught to check DTR's on the arm? Something I never thought of. She is such an amazing teacher, and I feel like I could ask anything - I do not feel stupid or incompetent. I am thanking my lucky stars that I fought so hard for her to precept me. I need to recognize her and wondered if there was some sort of award I could nominate her for so she could be recognized somehow. Anybody know anything about that? Or how I might find out?


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Awsome. It is always good to hear good stories. Good luck to you. :)


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if you want to let everyone know how wonderful she is, write a letter to the director of nursing :) .

the hospital i work at - employees are "stars" if they get nominated or something.

the least that would happen - a copy of letter would be directed back to her - and i am sure that she would be thrilled :flowersfo .

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We have employee of the month and get a reserved parking spot anywhere in the lots we want. But, i had a orientee that brought me a small personal gift as a thank you after she was done with orientation. I appreciated that just as much.


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how about a letter to the CEO about her????? tell them what you told US! Or nominate her for employee of them month...

or write RN or Nursing2005 Magazine about her.

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