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I have an appointment with the admissions office on Monday *m*


I know I am a little premature posting on this board since I am not actually in nursing school yet, but it really helps me stay focused on my goals posting and reading here. I am just so excited. I have an appointment Monday to meet an advisor at the community college. I am hoping that they have received my transcripts by then. I am praying that they will transfer everything so I will only have a couple classes to take for prerequisites that were different from the nursing program I previously attended. I also am hoping to find out from them whether I have to actually have completed all the prerequisites before I apply or if I can apply if I am enrolled in them now and will have them all completed before admission. I am guessing I will have to have them all completed, but I can dream. I hate it because as of now they have a waiting list. If they transfer all my classes I won't have much to do other than nursing classes so it will be a lot of time wasted. Well, I just wanted to tell someone who might care how excited I am and if you could all wish me luck on getting my credits transfered.

Teresa :)

Good Luck! on getting your credits transferred! :)

I will keep my fingers crossed for you!

I will be thinking about you on Monday!!

Just a few words of advice before then.

Call the admissions office as soon as possible to make sure that your file is complete.

Also, if you haven't done your FAFSA (you can do it online) get it done so that your financial aid is ready to go when you are. And then call financial aid to see what you need. I had to have mine and my hubby's income tax (W2's) to get things going.

Do all of this before Monday so you know what else you might have to bring to complete your admission process.

Good luck and have fun at the interview. They are really allot of fun when you get to plan out your next few years!!

Good luck on getting the credits transferred!! :)

Just wanted to wish you good luck with the interview and here's hoping that all your previous credits transfer!

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