Hybrid / Online LPN Programs

An increasing number of people want to complete the practical nursing program via online learning. Still, no online practical nursing programs exist at this time. However, hybrid practical nursing programs allow the student to complete courses online and fulfill hands-on clinical requirements face-to-face.


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I live in California. I am looking for a hybrid program that I can do most of the theory courses on line and can complete the lab or clinical training at my home own over the weekend. Then I can pass the LVN board exam in the state of where the school is and transfer the LPN/LVN license back to California. Is there such a program? Thanks!!!

Nope...what you want does not exist. You would need to complete both the theory coursework and the clinical practicum in the same state.


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Hi everyone.. do you know of an Hybrid LPN program in New York State


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Hi imy based near the Jacksonville FL area and I'm looking for an lpn to rn bridge programs to alloweat to do classrooms online and clinicals on campus. Unfortunately I have to work full time and I can't go to a traditional rn program. I'm looking at excelsior but I'm reading alot of negative reviews on it and how people don't pass there clinical aspect of it. I would just like to furtheryou education if anyone could help me thank you


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Hi everyone

Can you advise if you know any school in NYC area offering LPN hybrid program? I am mother of two and it would give me better chance to start and finish the lpn certificate. I know the practical clinical work has to be done in person but is there any school where I can do at least prerequisites online? Plase advise...