Hybrid LVN to RN schools for California Nurses!

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8 hours ago, pig1995 said:

Wow that’s quick. 

It's an ADN. 


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any updates for LVN - RN Hybrid Program in Kansas? how are you guys doing


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I'm a LVN in California is Hutchinson still accepting out of state nurses? If so any tips to getting accepted to the program?


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What are the requirements for application LVN to RN at Hutchinson community college?  Does it require you to compete all pre-reqs classes before admission? 
Thank you for the feedback 

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What’s the competition like in terms of GPA and scores for this program?

I don’t want the price tag and stress of an ABSN. I’m also from California and was wondering if an LVN license I got from UNITEK would be accepted for Hutch.

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