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Hello all! My husband and I are both entering the nursing program this fall. Do you think that once we're RNs we'll ever see each other? We live in a city that has a dozen hospitals and I'm wondering how easy it is to choose a shift. Like both of us working 7-7. If not he could always work at a hospital and I could work at a doctors office. Anyone else experiencing this? Any advice or tips would be helpful.



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Hey welcome, this would work out well, esp if u have got kids or plan to in the future, make ur money and have a life too not seen with many other occupations... u guys can work same shift or opposite to suit ur needs 'family or money', u have a choice.....and the money's good too.... u will do well

Been there, done this for 15 years and it works out well with us and many couple nurses I know


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My husband is an LPN. I am an RN. We both work at the same facility-same shift. I am his supervisor. It works well for us-probably not for everyone, but give it a try. I like seeing him several times a day, and it gives us something else to complain about (other than each other! :chuckle ) I would not have it any other way. In this day and age-boy can you tell I am an old fart!- it doesn't hurt on the gas money either!

We have done this for 28 years! When our children were small we worked different shifts. Could not trust anyone with my kids-outside of their daddy.

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hubby and i have been working together since 1990 -- both icu nurses. we met at work and got together in 1995. we usually work the same shift, and work two days a week together, then one day not together so we don't get sick of each other! it works well. now that we've moved away from the hospital where we met (and where he was a single guy who dated a lot!) it's even better because i'm not constantly running into his old girlfriends!


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My husband and I are both nursing students, I graduate in December of 05 and he graduates in May of 06. I currently work as a "professional student nurse" in the ER of a local hospital. He wanted to apply for the same position, but he was told that policy states he cannot work in the same unit that I work, even if we did work different shifts. I am o.k. with that because I know we would get sick of each other! :coollook:


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Thanks guys! That makes me feel much better.


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One more question if you guys don't mind. We were also both considering CRNA programs later on. Would that be an accident waiting to happen?

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