Hurst vs Uworld

Nursing Students NCLEX


I graduated in May 2018. I took the Hurst live review and am scoring between 70/125 -76/125 on my final four assessments. I feel pretty confident in my knowledge. I am testing this Friday July 27th at 8 am.

Should i buy Uworld and begin practicing those questions to help me?

Or would you recommend sticking with Hurst? I am looking for people who have used hurst or Uworld and passed NCLEX or failed!

Thanks in advance!

I took the nclex-rn recently and passed in 75 questions.

I had both the Hurst live review and did some of the questions. I got an 85/125 on 1 simulator. (only took 1)

I took about a dozen quizzes mostly in maternity/newborn.

Eh.........I thought Uworld was harder and taught better. But the nclex is not as hard as Uworld. You have to go with how you feel though. Go into the nclex confident. You wouldn't really have enough time to begin Uworld now, because it's remediation is much heavier than Hurst's so takes longer. And it's expensive for just a couple days use. If you only buy the month long, you don't get the assessments included in Uworld.

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