Hurst vs. Kaplan vs. Ncbsn vs. VATI

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Arrgggg.....I sat for boards this past Saturday. The computer shut off around 120 questions. I did the "quick results" yesterday and I failed. I'm sooo confused. I was ready to sit for 75 questions or the full 265, but the 120 thru me for a loop. I don't know what direction to go. Any help.... I mixed Kaplan with Ncbsn the 1st time around and honestly I'm not sure if either helped. Looking into Hurst. As much as I hate having to take this exam twice, I most certainly don't want to take it for a 3rd time. So has anyone taken Hurst and did it work for you? Did you take the online course or just purchase the Hurst book?? Also, my school gave us access to VATI as another resource, but I really don't like that format either.

Please, what have you found helpful and why? Thanks, One confused LPN! :confused:

My school required Hurst before graduation... I loved it!! I like the Marlene videos she is SOOOO country lol. But I took the live review back in March and took my NCLEX earlier this week and passed. I went over the entire book again and took 2 1/2 of the Qreviews. I also look at the first few chapters of the Saunders book that talk about infection control and prioritization and cultural issues. What helped me was doing a bunch of questions on prioritization and delegation and infection control from my Saunders cd and the little study guide floating around on this website. ABCs, Maslows, MRSWEE, SPIDERMAN, MTV helped a whole lot. I hope this helps!!

Congrats :yelclap: Thanks for your input!! Are you referring to the Hurt Nclex Book you can buy from like Barnes & Noble?

No they gave us a book to go along with the live review... I wonder if there is a big difference in the text, probably not. The one from barnes and noble probably is just more bulkier! Honestly I wouldnt waste my money on a new book I would buy something used on Amazon, just in case you dont like it.

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