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I just wanted to say, if there is anyone out there wondering what NCLEX-RN Review they should use I HIGHLY suggest the HURST 3 day live review. Prior to taking the review, i had already scheduled my exam date and i was confident in my studies. Once the class got underway i realized that i didn't know as much as i thought i knew. I learned so much from the HURST Review. I followed the study plan EXACTLY how it was laid out. I listened to the videos for a total of 3 times and completed 4 of the 6 review tests. I averaged approximately 74 on the review exams. I ended up rescheduling my exam date to properly prepare. The exam reviews offered me enough SATA questions to prepare for the NCLEX. I ended up having 75 questions of which 21 were SATA, 8 medications, about 10 isolation questions and the rest were a mix. I left the test KNOWING that I had passed it. I've never written a review or called an establishment to inform them of my gratitude. I admonish anyone who is on the fence about which NCLEX Review that should take, to take HURST. The cost may seem steep but I promise you, it is worth every dollar. I know for certain if I hadn't taken this review, I wouldn't be a nurse today. Thank you HURST!

I agree. I did hurst live review and passed in 75 questions!! Very helpful


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