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Hurst Review

by aetheridge aetheridge (New) New

I took the hurst review and passed the NCLEX first try! The NCLEX has recently come to Canada and our programs and instructors were unsure of how to prepare us. The hurst review provided me with all the info I needed on a silver platter. Don't get me wrong I had to work hard and study tons, but if it wasn't for Hurst I don't think I could have done it. I would definitely suggest the hurst review for any nursing students unsure of what to study for the nclex.


Hey Andrea!

This is awesome! Congrats!!!! I'm actually using HURST review as well! I've already watched all the content videos. Any suggestions on how to study the 5th Day Resources and the med charts?

Also, how long did you study and did you use any other resources besides HURST? I take my NCLEX at California on Feb 27th! Any suggestions would totally help me out!


I made flash cards for pretty much everything, including the 5th day materials. I watched the videos mutliple times as well. I pretty much only used the Hurst Review to study and I studied for about 4 weeks really seriously, pretty much everyday for anywhere from 2-8 hrs. I have a friend that I studied with and we quizzed each other over and over again. Good luck! Your going to do great!!!

Hi Andre

I have the Hurst videos (a friend gave them to me) so I don't have the 5th day material. I do love Hurst and their content, I find that I'm getting better at the content. But for the 5th day material, what should I look at or review? What's included in it?

Thank You