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Huron School of Nursing closure and Tri-C


I am sure by now all of you Clevelanders know that Huron School of Nursing is closing in May and they have made an aggreement to fold all those students into the Tri-C program. I feel badly for these students, but I wonder how this is really going to work...is tri-c adding sections of classes and hiring professors and clinical instructors? The nursing program at tri-c seems very full to begin with and I am unsure how they accocomodate the students from Huron. Has anyone heard how this is going to work?

AgentBeast, BSN, RN

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There was an article in the Plain Dealer this past week I believe that said that it wasn't a done deal that Tri-C would be taking over Huron's program. They were still in "negotiations". Part of whatever agreement they come to would probably involve keeping whatever clinical rotations they had at Huron. It's easy enough to add classroom and laboratory instruction time. It's a lot harder to get clinicals.

I read somewhere that they were actually closing in January of 2011. I wonder how it will effect everyone. I really feel bad for the students at Huron but I'm also worried about changes at Tri-C. I don't start until the Fall semester, but I'm still kind of nervous. Let me know if you guys hear anything.

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This reminds me of the mid 80's when a lot of the diploma programs were closing. I was in the last class of our school and the others had to go to LCCC or Tri-C....some of the nursing classes didn't meet their requirements and they had to retake them, even though they only had 1 year left. :( Are they going to just grandfather you all in on automatic enrollment. I think that stinks...Huron is a great program!

Several women in my micro class at tri-c are in their first semester at Huron -- they told me the school is closing in January and that they will be given slots at the Eastern Campus for a day program. I wonder how that affects the Huron evening and weekend students? Also, do they have to get new uniforms? new background checks etc? They already pay way more than a tri-c student for their classes and now they will be out more money...i do wonder though if they will be responsible for paying back student loans for their first semester...I think school closure is one of the reasons your loans can be cancelled -- hope that might be a bright spot for some in all of this mess. It is a shame they cannot keep the school open until the current students graduate -- close it to new admissions and just let the current students finish up.

It's sad because I graduated from there in May 2010 and I wished that the Cleveland Clinic would have allowed all the current students to at least finish the program.

I think some of the teachers will be going there to teach and the Eastern Campus acquired the old MetroSkilled Nursing building behind them and I think they have been looking to having the nurse program at that spot. It needed renovations but can definitely support a large number of students.

Tri-C's Eastern Campus has a beautiful new health careers building that Nursing will be housed in.

Yes the Eastern Campus will be using the old MetroHealth nursing facility which is located at the end of the campus. They renovated it to use it for the nursing program.

You are incorrect. The building is brand new construction.