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I work full time in a mid-sized hospital in Central Texas in a cath lab where we are off some holidays and on call others. Our hospital lists Holiday benefits and recognized holidays with pay as New Years Day, Memorial Day, Good Friday, Independence Day, Labor day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

If we are "off" we do not get the holiday pay. If we work it, we get regular pay for time worked only.

Is this legal that some people receive this benefit (admin) and clerical, et. al. but not nursing?

How can they list this as a benefit when it doesn't apply to all employees?

Anyone else run into this?

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I've never worked anywhere that holidays off were paid at a holiday rate. Also, when you are on call, are you getting paid more, such as time and a half for call back pay? That's how it is where I work- get called in on a holiday, get paid at the call back rate, which is higher than the holiday differential. The hospital won't pay more than 1.5x base salary.

Yes, it is legal. Benefits (and how they are distributed) can vary within the same company. So long as it is not based on any protected status (ie race, sex, age etc) they can classify every group/job level differently.

So legal, yes, ethical, no.

I do find it odd how they do it though.

Where I work, every employee gets 8 hrs of holiday time (12 days/yr) that can be used 30 days before and 60 days after said holiday. After 60 days it rolls over into your PTO. If you work on New Years, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas (and 2 others, don't remember which ones) you get time and a half.

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